Electoral Boundaries Report Released

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2019 17:31 PM

The Nova Scotia Electoral Boundaries Commission’s is recommending the reinstatement of electoral districts for Clare, Argyle, Richmond, and Preston, giving 55 districts.

However, they could not agree on providing an electoral district for Chéticamp, rejecting by five votes to four.

Barrington-Argyle MLA Chris d'Entremont tells Acadia News he's mostly pleased with the report.

"I think I'm happy to see that the traditional constituencies of Argyle, Clare, Richmond, and Preston are back on the map. It was good to see that Shelburne was recreated as it's own entity, so I'm seeing good things in that report"

He says ideally the report should be presented to the legislature, discussed and given time for people to understand its implications.

The Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Ecosse has issued a statement applauding the re-instatements and expressing their disappointment over the Chéticamp decision, saying they will appear before the Law Amendments Committee ask for a modification to the bill accordingly.

Report: https://nselectoralboundaries.ca/sites/default/files/electoral_boundarie...

Reported by Sean MacLellan and Brittany Wentzel