Trudeau Urges US Govs To Defend NAFTA

Posted on Friday, July 14, 2017 23:47 PM

Justin Trudeau is asking the governors of the United States to stick up for free trade, for the sake of jobs in both our countries. 

The Prime Minister was in Rhode Island at the meeting of the National Governors Association, ahead of discussions on the North American Free Trade Agreement which are expected to start next month. 

Trudeau says while the trade agreement is good for the US, Canada and Mexico, there's room for improvement when talks get underway. 

"We think it should be updated and modernized, as it has been a dozen times over the past quarter-century. And I have expectation that it will be, to the ultimate benefit of working people in all three partner countries."

He points out that it's best to avoid what he calls politically-tempting shortcuts like tightening the regulations on cross-border trade, adding it wouldn't help families "over the long term, or even the mid-term. Such policies kill growth." 

Trudeau says it's critical to workers in our countries to improve NAFTA and keep it in place. (Photo: Screenshot courtesy of