Four Diamond Rating for Lunenburg Restaurant

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2018 13:48 PM

A well known fine dining restaurant in Lunenburg is once again back on top as one of the best in Atlantic Canada.

In fact, Fleur de Sel Restaurant is just one of seven restaurants in Atlantic Canada to be given a Four Diamond Rating by both the Canadian and American Automobile Associations (CAA / AAA).

Head Chef and Co-Owner, Martin Ruiz Salvador, says it's somewhat misleading in a way.

He says they actually held the Four Diamond Rating a number of years ago.

"We closed for one year for a sabbatical and we actually lost the four diamond rating and then we had to reapply for it al over again," says Salvador.

The criteria for the rating include a number of factors from quality of food, to quality of service and overall top notch dining experience.

Salvador says it's a huge a rating for any restaurant to have.

"It's just all about knowledge of service, quality of food, the restaurant itself, how comfortable the chairs are, it takes in all aspects of the restaurant," adds Salvador. "It's great for us, great for Lunenburg and great for the province."

Fleur de Sel is set to open for the season May 10th, 2018.