Boundaries Commission To Release Final Report

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2019 09:06 AM

The Nova Scotia Electoral Boundaries Commission's final report will focusing on establishing effective electoral representation of Acadians and African Nova Scotians.

The Commission had to consider how to balance minority representation for Nova Scotians of African and Acadian descent, account for a shift in population away from rural areas into the city and consider the geography of the region.

An interim report came up with four alternatives: keep the exiting boundaries, move to 55 districts and reinstate the four formerly protected seats, 55 districts with a dual member from Inverness to allow 56 seats or 56 districts.

Also included were the restoration of the electoral districts of Shelburne County, Queens County, Argyle and Clare.

The MLA for Argyle-Barrington, Chris d'Entremont says the timing of the report's release today is unfortunate.

He says ideally the report should be presented to the legislature, discussed and given time for people to understand its implications.

"Ultimately the expectations of the boundary report are simply the re-installation of Argyle, Clare. The Acadian representation that we had in the House of Assembly."

d'Entremont says unfortunately the report won't be dealt with by the Legislature until the fall because the spring session ended last Friday.

The Commission's final report, to be released this afternoon, will contain one set of recommendations for the provincial government to consider.

story by Gary Nickerson
[email protected]

(Colin Dodds, chair of the Nova Scotia Electoral Boundaries Commission-photo contributed)