Holocaust Survivor Philip Riteman Dead at 96

Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2018 12:46 PM

Philip Riteman, a well known lecturer and Holocaust survivor, has died at the age of 96.

Riteman had moved to Newfoundland in 1946 following World War II, and then moved to Nova Scotia in 1980 where he spent a great deal of time speaking to students in schools across the province (and across North America) about the horrors and reality of the Holocaust.

He survived Auschwitz Concentration Camp during the Holocaust, lost his entire family at the hands of the Nazis and kept it quiet for more than 40 years.

Speaking to media Thursday, Nova Scotia Premier, Stephen McNeil, spoke fondly of Riteman and his legacy.

"He was challenging all of us to ensure that we become the voice to our children, and to the next generation of our province and country and world; and my sincere hope for him today, is that he is finally at peace," said McNeil. "The horrors and pain that he carried with him for so long, watching his own family, watching babies, watching children be tortured and killed by hateful people and then spreading that message."

The Premier called Riteman a tremendous educator who's message should live on through his teachings and he encourages all Nova Scotians to watch his videos, learn and continue to spread his message against hatred.

Story by Craig Power
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Above Photo: Philip Riteman (Centre) with his wife Dorothy and former Lieutenant Governor Brigadier-General The Honourable J.J. Grant at Government House in Halifax on May 10th, 2016 - Facebook).